Different uses of different makeup brushes

2020-07-08 18:53:49

Different makeup brushes have different uses, today we will introduce different makeup brushes separately

   Eyelid: Look for a natural bristle texture, thick but still thin, round head, medium length eye shadow brush. Some people prefer to dip the brush head with some water and then shake off the excess water. Dip the eyeshadow in a circular motion, and then circle the back of the hand to test whether the color is suitable. Then flick the brush head to remove the floating powder and gently sweep the entire eyelid.

   Eye pleats: Here you need a beveled pointed bristle brush, which can perfectly fit the narrow and long folds, and it is easier to create a smoky eye makeup.

  Eyes: This brush is like a wiper on a car. It blends the color of the eyelid and wrinkled eye shadow back and forth to make the blunt edge transition more soft and natural. This step must not be omitted!

   Eyeliner brush: Because there are so many super easy-to-use eyeliners, you need an eyeliner brush. The easiest to use is the curved thin eyeliner brush. It's curved, so it won't block your line of sight when you draw an eyeliner in the mirror.

The other two beveled and very fine-pointed eyeliner brushes depend on personal preference. The beveled eyeliner brush may be more preferred because it is dipped in black eye shadow and applied on the line between the root of the eyelashes and the eye. It also works well.

   Eyebrow brush: Choose a double-headed eyebrow brush, one is a diagonal brush head, the other is similar to a mascara brush head. You can use a mascara-like brush head to comb the eyebrows neatly, and then use the oblique brush head to dip the eyebrow powder on the eyebrows.